Friday, September 29, 2006

At Last, An Update

Well, I just checked where we left off, and I can see we've been pretty slack when it comes to keeping everyone apraised of our whereabouts this trip. Partly because the internet has been tougher to come by, and we've been too busy travelling to get around to it.
I guess we left off in Chinque Terre, on our way to Siena. I'll try and remember back that far, and tell you some about it. IT was our longest day travelling, three trains, and three busses, and we arrived kind of late, and it was raining hard. We took refuge in a small cafe, and had a cappucino to figure out how to find a place to stay. Finally I called a Servas host who gave us a recommendation of a great hotel right in the heart of the city. We headed for it during a break in the rain, and unfortunatly, when we got there, it was full. Found a place next door, and settled in there. Next day, a break in the weather gave us a chance to explore the town. Going to take abreak here, and send this update, before I get kicked off this computer.
More to come .....

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