Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another Update from Mykanos

Hi again, everyone !
We're now in Mykanos, our last stop before we go to Athens for a day and half in preparation for our return to L.A.! I'll have to update the site with all of our pics and stories to go with from there. Internet cafes in Europe are not as together, or as inexpensive as we found in India last year. And we've been very busy getting from place to place and seeing all there is to see.
Currently we're in a beautiful, big room (with kitchen) on the water, at a place where they shot the classic movie :"Shirley Valentine". If you haven't seen it, (80's movie) check it out. Right now it's nice and quiet throughout Greece. Weather is perfect !
Wouldn't want to be here in Summer, tho' !
WE're here for a few more daze, (3 I think) then it's on to Athens for a couple more, before we board the plane back home. We're pretty brown and crispy by now, after three incredible islands before this. OK. WIsh I could say more, but time is running out. I'll update the site after we get back, with lots of pics and more stories.
Bye for now ..........

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